"Accepter de supporter indéfiniment le poids d’un crime qu’on n'a pas commis, porter injustement le qualificatif de « criminel de génocide » sans clamer son innocence est une entorse à la recherche de la vérité"


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Press Release from Dr. Rwamucyo Eugène’s Family


Wednesday 26/05/2010 at Anderlues, Belgium

Dr. Rwamucyo’s Arrest: Political, Judicial and Moral Harassments Reach a Peak

We, family and friends of Dr Eugène Rwamucyo’s, just learned with great pain that our beloved husband, dad and friend was arrested by French police on the basis of an Interpol warrant issued by Rwandan authorities.

Dr Eugène Rwamucyo, our dad, has always voiced--clearly and unequivocally--his innocence. He’s always called for true justice for all and truth to be known by the public.  

Consequently, he has never hidden from international justice (ICTR) or judiciary authorities in countries where he had lived.

We will not tolerate the brutal treatment French policemen used during his arrest, apparently to please informers employed by Paul KAGAME’s criminal and dictatorial regime. We want to remind the public that our dad is not a criminal but rather an innocent and legal resident of the European Union. Affixed to this press release is a certified copy of his identity card.

It is therefore very surprising and painful that a country defending human rights arrested him at a funeral service with a televised show that suggests back-door deals with Kigali’s regime ahead of this week’s France-Africa Summit taking place in Nice, and in which Paul KAGAME will take part for the first time since 2007. 

It is necessary to point out that, for the past few days, Dr Eugène Rwamucyo has been the subject of significant moral harassment from Rwanda’s Attorney General Martin Ngoga. The goal was to prevent him from speaking publicly at an international gathering staged by ICTR defense attorneys, which was held in Brussels from May 21st to May 23rd 2010.

(Read more about this topic in this 25/05/20 article – In French)  

As long as the investigating judge does not render a final decision, we ask that our dad, Dr Eugène Rwamucyo, appear freely before a court, and we trust French judicial authorities to do so. He has never hidden and will never hide because he is innocent.

Dr Eugène Rwamucyo’s family and friends

Anderlues, Belgium on May 26, 2010




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